A group of Pharmaceutical & Biological industries is a private shareholder company Established in 1997 with +20 years, +600 employees & have several subsidiaries in Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Sudan with Innovative products through our International Partners & Suppliers ( Kemin, Invesa, Novus, Miavit, Medmac, BBzix, CZV, Interchemie, Neogen, Artevet, Animedica, Livisto, ABNEO)

“The First Private Facility for Veterinary Vaccines in Egypt”

Driven by nature introducing a new trend of high safety products with proven efficacy 

Egyptian national facility for manufacturing & packing of animal premix, cleaners & disinfectants with international technology by Egyptian hands

Our products save millions of dollars of importing this kind of premixes & disinfectants from foreign countries

Looking for create a lot of export opportunities to Africa & Middle East with export values may reach 2-3 million per year.

Chairman’s speech

“Sky is our limit”

Prof. Magdy Elsayed – CEO


“Leading Human & Animal health industry in Egypt and ME to improve quality of life”


“ Offering our customers integrated innovative solutions with excellent services through the most qualified and professional teams”



  • Invest in industry to support national economy
  • Focus & invest on people, science & technology
  • Profit reinvestment to achieve sustainable growth

Human Line

Veterinary Line

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Syrups
  • Creams
  • Sachets
  • Unidoses
  • Liquids
  • Powders

Cosmetics Brands

  • Algotherm
  • Laino
  • Orescience
  • Novexpert
  • Fleurance Nature

Pharma Brands

  • LiNiDERM
  • Parasidose
  • Marimer
  • Memontix
  • Dologel

Slimming Brands

  • Orescience
  • MaxSlim

UBM is the sole distributor and supplier for:

Groupe batteur – gilbert laboratories

Moulin royal

Delta partners: ore science - Rlizz