Novumed՚s goal is to deliver cost-efficient & innovative solutions optimizing animal performance.

Novumed is obtaining advanced technologies, science & knowledge from its main suppliers.


Since 1991, Novus has brought numerous products to the market, including more than 100 over the past decade, and developed product families including Methionine solutions, Trace Mineral solutions, Enzyme solutions, and Eubiotics solutions. Novus’s comprehensive portfolio provides a holistic approach to solutions, service, and sustainability for poultry, swine, aquaculture, and cattle.


  • Cibenza
  • Mintrex Pse
  • Mintrex Zn


The name MIAVIT has been synonymous with minerals, amino acids, and vitamins since the company was founded in 1964. They are an expert, reliable partner for your needs regarding feedstuffs, supplements, minerals, and vitamins. MIAVIT’s expertise is reflected in the company’s wide range of high-quality products, which have proven successful for decades. The products meet the needs of modern, environmentally friendly, economically viable animal nutrition. 


  • Miabond 
  • Miabond 360