Biomed Diagnostics is Ramping Up Production of InTray GC® to Fight Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Threat

Biomed Diagnostics is Ramping Up Production of InTray GC® to Fight Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Threat

Biomed Diagnostics has increased production of the InTray GC®due to the shortages in STI testing supplies. The CDC recommends culture testing in tandem with NAAT testing, due to the dramatic increase in AMR strains of Gonorrhoeae.

The rapid rise in COVID testing, along with projected volume of tests needed monthly, has depleted supplies for other infectious disease testing, primarily sexually transmitted infections. Biomed Diagnostics is responding with a significant increase in production of the InTray GC and the InPouch TV®.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Neisseria Gonorrhoeae poses one of the most urgent threats of antibiotic resistance infections in the United States and the world. COVID is ravaging health care infrastructure, and depleting testing supplies used in STI screening.

The emergence of N. Gonorrhoeae strains resistant to previously effective antibiotics is sounding an alarm throughout the health care community. There is only one class of antibiotics that is currently deemed an effective treatment for this devastating disease.

A 2021 study published by JAMA Pediatrics recommends universal screening for gonococcal infections in adolescents and young adults who used the emergency room for acute care. The rate of Gonorrhea infections is increasing dramatically in the age group 18-22. According to a study in The Lancet, up to two-thirds of N gonorrhoeae infections in women who have oropharyngeal infections, are missed.

For over 10 years, Biomed Diagnostic’s has partnered with STD clinics and health care agencies worldwide in the fight against N. Gonorrhoeae and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Biomed’s diagnostic test – the InTray GC® – is a prepared selective culture for qualitative detection of oral, rectal and genito-urethral Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It is an essential tool for AMR diagnostics.

The InTray GC is specifically designed for ease-of-use at the point of care and provides visual detection of the microbe. The media is highly selective and specific to gonorrhoeae. The InTray GC, with an embedded C02 tablet, does not require an expensive CO2 incubator, and there are no requirements for replating of the culture for detection. Inoculate the InTray, seal, and observe for microbial growth and color change within 24 hours.

For more information about the InTray GC, please visit or call 800.964.6466.

About Biomed Diagnostics

Biomed Diagnostics, Inc. is a manufacturing company, based in Oregon, USA, and designs and engineers and manufactures prepared culture media devices for the collection, propagation and isolation of pathogenic organisms.

All products are manufactured, tested and validated at Biomed’s secure ISO 13485:2016 compliant, FDA-registered production facility, in Oregon, USA.

Biomed Diagnostics operates in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices Regulations (21 CFR, Part 820) for the identified products.

BioMed Realty Acquires Assembly Square Site in Somerville, Massachusetts

BioMed Realty Acquires Assembly Square Site in Somerville, Massachusetts

The Assembly Square location is a strategic addition to BioMed Realty’s established portfolio of lab and office space in nearby Cambridge and Boston’s Longwood Medical Area and Seaport District. The Assembly Square site further strengths BioMed Realty’s leadership position as an owner and operator of one of the largest life science real estate portfolios in the area. In close proximity to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard and other top tier research and education institutions, Assembly Square provides convenient access to world-leading scientific research, established biotech companies and capital providers within the region’s life science ecosystem.

“We are excited to welcome BioMed Realty as a new innovator in the Assembly Square tech ecosystem,” said Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone. “Having a world-leading life science developer launch this new major life science cluster in Somerville will open up the growth, jobs and new opportunities our community seeks. Simply put, it opens the door for our city to become a pioneer in the biotechnology space. Assembly Square will become a place where life science professionals collaborate, experiment, discover and advance the nation’s – and world’s – efforts to tackle vital health challenges.”

“Our vision for the Assembly Square location is to create a premier innovation campus where science and technology intersects,” said Sal Zinno, Vice President with BioMed Realty. “With close proximity to downtown Boston, the airport, a major interstate highway, public transit and adjacent amenities including restaurants, entertainment and new retail, it’s an ideal location and size for a large life science company to establish a prominent headquarters.”

“As the life science industry continues to grow in Massachusetts, BioMed Realty’s Assembly Square location is filling an important need for the increasing number of biopharma companies who are looking to locate to the Boston region,” said Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, President & COO of MassBio. “Thriving mini-clusters in highly desirable and centrally located places like Somerville help ensure our members can thrive and bring new therapies and cures to patients faster.”

The design of the initial phases of the 1.3 million square feet project are well underway, and upon completion, will consist of R&D, innovation and retail space, in addition to a roof deck and open public recreation and amenity areas. At the heart of Somerville’s retail sphere, the nearby Assembly Row will also offer tenants ample dining, shopping, fitness, and entertainment options.

About BioMed Realty

BioMed Realty, a Blackstone portfolio company, is a leading provider of real estate solutions to the life science and technology industries. As of December 31, 2020, BioMed owns and operates high-quality life science real estate comprising 11.4 million square feet concentrated in leading innovation markets throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, including Boston/Cambridge, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, and Cambridge, U.K. In addition, BioMed maintains a premier development platform with 2.8 million square feet of Class A properties in active construction to meet the growing demand of the life science industry. To learn more about BioMed Realty, visit and follow the company on Twitter @biomedrealty.

Egypt says it has launched vaccination against coronavirus

Egypt says it has launched vaccination against coronavirus

CAIRO — Egypt on Sunday launched a vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, with the first shots of Chinese state-owned pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm’s vaccine given to healthcare workers in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia.

Health Minister Hala Zayed told a televised news conference that they would prioritize vaccinating healthcare workers in 40 hospitals that are designated to isolate and treat COVID-19 patients across the country.

Next, they would vaccinate elders and those suffer from chronic diseases, Zayed said. She did not offer a timeframe for vaccinating the whole population.

Zayed said people would receive two doses of the vaccine over 21 days. The Chinese-made vaccine is 86% effective, she added.

Sinopharm’s shot relies on a tested technology, using a dead virus to deliver the vaccine, similar to polio immunizations.

The vaccine is believed to be able to travel at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius (35 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit), a major draw for areas of the world where nearly 3 billion people live without stable electricity and refrigeration.

Egypt has also negotiated for two other vaccines — one from Oxford University and AstraZeneca, and another from Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech.

Finance Minister Mohamed Maait said last month that the government has contracted to purchase 20 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and 30 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous country with over 100 million people, has reported more than 161,140 confirmed cases, including 8,902 deaths. However, the actual numbers of COVID-19 cases, like elsewhere in the world, are thought to be far higher, in part due to limited testing.

Vertex Confirms Supply Chain

Vertex Confirms Supply Chain

“The challenges facing the world with the spread of COVID-19 are significant, but it is important for the medical and patient community to know that we remain highly confident in our ability to continue to supply all of our medicines–TRIKAFTA, SYMDEKO/SYMKEVI, ORKAMBI, and KALYDECO–uninterrupted to patients around the world who rely on them,” said Jeffrey Leiden, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vertex. “We have not seen any impact from COVID-19 on the TRIKAFTA launch or other elements of our business. We are well-prepared from a business continuity perspective, with ample supply to meet commercial needs well into the future.”

Vertex has constructed supply chains for its marketed medicines to ensure readiness for a wide variety of contingencies. Vertex has built significant safety stock into its supply chain to manage potential disruptions, and also has secured second source suppliers that are geographically diverse.

About Vertex

Vertex is a global biotechnology company that invests in scientific innovation to create transformative medicines for people with serious diseases. The company has multiple approved medicines that treat the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis (CF) – a rare, life-threatening genetic disease – and has several ongoing clinical and research programs in CF. Beyond CF, Vertex has a robust pipeline of investigational small molecule medicines in other serious diseases where it has deep insight into causal human biology, including pain, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, and APOL1-mediated kidney disease. In addition, Vertex has a rapidly expanding pipeline of genetic and cell therapies for diseases such as sickle cell disease, beta thalassemia, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and type 1 diabetes mellitus.

Founded in 1989 in Cambridge, Mass., Vertex’s global headquarters is now located in Boston’s Innovation District and its international headquarters is in London, UK. Additionally, the company has research and development sites and commercial offices in North America, Europe, Australia and Latin America. Vertex is consistently recognized as one of the industry’s top places to work, including 10 consecutive years on Science magazine’s Top Employers list and top five on the 2019 Best Employers for Diversity list by Forbes. For company updates and to learn more about Vertex’s history of innovation, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

Special Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including, without limitation, Dr. Leiden’s statements in this press release, and the information provided regarding the company’s supply chain and 2020 business outlook. While Vertex believes the forward-looking statements contained in this press release are accurate, these forward-looking statements represent the company’s beliefs only as of the date of this press release and there are a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Those risks and uncertainties include, among other things, that the company’s expectations regarding the effects of COVID-19 may be incorrect, that data from the company’s development programs may not support registration or further development of its potential medicines due to safety, efficacy or other reasons, and other risks listed under Risk Factors in Vertex’s annual report and subsequent quarterly reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and available through the company’s website at Vertex disclaims any obligation to update the information contained in this press release as new information becomes available.

Research Turns Pharmaceutics Upside Down

Research Turns Pharmaceutics Upside Down

Polymath Arch-researcher Aurangzeb Hafi’s Research Turns Pharmaceutics’ Ladders Upside Down – An Epic Breakthrough in Disability Prevention.

(MENAFN – GetNews) A benchmark investigative research-scrutiny by polymath Arch-researcher Prof. Hafi, critically unfolds ‘terrifying facts’ behind the birth defects’ – that the ‘Pharma-Media’ alliance never wants the public know…! The research-progeny edifice that is going to directly impact over 687-796 million disables of the world, quite systematically exposes the cover-stratums of medical barbarianism.

Rockville, MD – Dec 7, 2020 – The United Nations’ IDPD Observance of 2020 leaves an indelible mark on the entire history of scientific pursuit and the abundant discourse of research on the phenomenon of disability.

The overarching significance of IDPD 2020 over the preceding discourse spanning  over 60 years of UN struggles on the subject matter, is indubitably by virtue of witnessing and featuring what quite appropriately should be named as ‘an awakening call’ from a long-stretched slumber, an extended stagnation, and a prolonged global inertia on the phenomenon of disability. If not parochially biased, it certainly holds an ample significance of its own kind, for all people with different types of physical and mental disabilities. The ‘awakening call’ has been incited and galvanized by a critical research pursuit ‘Embryonic-Iatrogenesis Causality [EIC] Trove-sheet’ by Pakistan’s Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi, the polymath arch-researcher who is responsible for leaving the most ineradicable mark on the subject-matter of ‘child disability’. He spearheads a critical emergent of serious academic considerations by bringing forth the phenomenon what he refers to as ’embryonic iatro-genesis and ‘iatro-teratoginicity to the world’s attention. In fact, it is none less than a mounting debate on the face of issue. Even if not fixed to the provable extents, it compels the international hierarchies, the UN and the global institutional fora to hold a thorough scientific enquiry on the phenomenon of pre-birth disabilities, by pursuing, tracking and retaining it to the perspectives of what has been referred as embryonic iatro-genesis.

The cutting-edge research work shockingly reveals enough-provable linkage and incontestable ‘causal relationships’ between certain medications and multiple forms of disabilities among newly born as well as unborn babies. The present EIC Trove-sheet is the persistent continual of the polygonal research named Aurangzeb Hafi’s IRT Model of Terato-kinetics, which was presented at Higher Education Commission Pakistan, under the aegis of UNESCO on IDPD observance of 2014. The categorical enquiry-probe, that is primed for over 29000 universities and institutional fora of over 200 countries of the world, is an enquiry-outcome of over 2.1 decades’ cross-disciplinary investigative work on the subject-matter by the Pakistani arch-researcher Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Hafi. Prof Hafi persistently and persuasively states the case as:

‘Evidence-based, well documented statistical records of nearly 680 million disables of the world, when co-related with data analysis, quite shockingly endorse enough-provable linkages and incontestable ‘causal relationships’ between ‘Embryonic-Iatrogenesis’ ‘Iatro-Teratogenecity’ and multiple forms of disabilities among newly born and unborn babies.

The terms ‘Embryonic-Iatrogenesis’ and ‘Iatro-Teratogenicity’ refer to the deadly spectacle-manifestations and pandemic out-breaks of ‘irrational medications’ that are administered during pregnancy or in lactation periods.

Despite the huge developments and massive encroachments in ‘medical measures’ like vaccine-inoculations, the past 45 years have witnessed an enormous rise in complexities of pre-birth as well as post-birth disabilities. Diverse manifolds of new ‘Types & Forms’ of structural as well as functional abnormalities have appeared on the medical scene. More the medical advancements claim to reach the paramount of success, more the graph of disability-centered consequential complexities tends to reach the maxima of the recorded human history.

Notably, most of the prevalent drug-formulations are predominantly based on complex chemical-compositions, which, essentially, do pose serious threats to the physio-chemical synchrony of fetal tissues—thus, eventually leaving the baby on severe vulnerabilities of life-long disabilities – both, structural as well as functional.

Not only are these embryonically ‘non-compatible’ hefty drug-formulations hard to be absorbed by the fetal tissues,… but also their chemical structures remain intransigently ‘tough-enough’ to be broken down and processed by the fetal cells in the same time-frame and interval-break-intermissions, as those of the mother’s body-cells.

During this course of ultimate ‘dis-synchrony’ in complex dynamic-interplay of chemicals and human body, the fetal body-cells are left with no margin-latitudes other than bearing heavy toxic burdens at the very initial stages of cell-formations and organogenesis—and, ultimately persisting on worstly devastating complexities, in forms of permanent physical or mental abnormalities.

At very core of the problem, under-lying source-reason is ‘irrational & obscured medication’ .

Irrational , because—how can it be rationalized to alleviate the common-cold symptoms, or to relieve the ordinary headaches of a mother at the ‘very cost of life-long disabilities’ of the baby.

“I remain definite on indicating and wouldn’t hesitate to keep on stating and restating it ‘irrational, irrational…and irrational medication—because,- how can it hold any sense of rationality to relieve the temporary pains or nasal-aching’s flu of a mother at the cost of multiple forms of complex and deep-rooted permanent disabilities in the baby”, forcefully denounces Prof Hafi, while criticizing and strongly condemning the predominant ‘medicine-prescribing’ customs and the prevalent tradition massively practiced in the medical world.

” And obscured ,—understandably, due to the identical fact that most of the prevalent drug-compositions are, embryonically non-compatible, but nonetheless these are administered during pregnancy—because-however, they do bear the fascinating enough ‘safety-signs’ like ‘100% secure for both,-‘the mother and the baby’ and ‘no adverse-effects noted’…etc.

The chemical mechanism of these drugs is not that simple as publicized by these ‘allegedly false’ and massively ‘misleading safety-claims’, that are made by the corporate controllers of medical world—the pharmaceutics’ giants.

“These ‘silent & salient genocidal pills’ are then promoted through highly crafted and ‘well-tailored’ campaigns involving these ‘profiteers-backed’ media and 100% biased, pre-inclined research studies that are funded, predisposed and ‘course-plotted’ by the same parties, who, by these ‘pseudo-research-studies’ insist to keep-on showcasing their drugs as the ‘safest magic-pills’ which remain bound for acting the same way on the ‘baby’s body-cells as on the ‘mother’s body-cells’—since—the drugs must follow and not act out of the way, that is dictated by the pharmaceutic’s masters—because they produced it…”, denounces the cautioning study on teratology, that is going to change the way, the world looks at the ‘phenomenon of disability’.

“On one hand, the drug-promotion experts have been on their best in purposefully obscuring and distorting the real facts- they can be able to. Whilst on other the hand, the academic part of the picture, which is responsible for endorsing such claims, seems completely pre-determined by the same nefarious-schema. “…the academia’s research pendulum continuous to swing on profiteers’ course-plottings—bound to be destined within the limits as prescribed by their corporate-masters” enunciates Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi in a well-articulated criticizing way.

Most of the drug-studies carry an ‘essential bias’ on face of the research, rather than the intellectual fairness and academic impartiality. “Institutional neutrality, laissez-fairness are no longer the academic integrity traits in the medical world”, expresses further Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi.

Prof Hafi conclusively reiterates and reaffirms one of his his core concerns and goes on criticizing:

‘Our pharmaceutical giants are promoting the drugs, bearing certain signs on their labels, as—‘safety-tested’, ‘no adverse effects reported’ etc. Each company is passionately destined towards the competition with the other, in showcasing such ‘broad-based safety signs and labels’. With the help of extensively designed product-promotional devisings, coupled with advertisement gadgets of the media-world, the massive mind is misled, and the targeted public becomes convinced enough by the methodologies exclusively engineered and employed thereupon. No matter, that if these widely promoted ‘safe pills’ to control temporary pains, are being employed for a pregnant woman, and are consequenced for relieving the ‘common cold symptoms’ or the ‘temporary pains’ at the expense of the ‘lifelong multiple pre-birth disabilities’ for the unborn at its embryonic and zygotic stages. Since the tiny cell structure remains unable to bear the ‘potence-densed’ burdens of these highly complex chemical structures, the adverse likelihoods tend to reach inter-cellular devastating desolations of epic proportions.

‘The notoriously plenteous genocide story of the tragic birth-defect epidemics due to ‘thalidomide’-cancerous poisonousness in off-springs of the mothers who were prescribed to take the ‘enthusiastically introduced’ and ‘scientifically promoted’ diethylstilbestrol. The disastrous situations posed by the said drug, vastly publicized as the research-supported (pharmaceutics-sponsored-research) ‘ever-safe’ drug, deserve to be placed in the ‘worst-ever scenario classics’ of the recorded medical sciences history, quotes perilously, Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Hafi, while persuasively unfolding the case of ‘embryonic iatrogenicity’.

Also there befall certain food-additives, stabilizers, pesticides, indigenous toxic agents of ‘ultra-smart utilities’, dental amalgams, and contrast media intense radiation, that pose the same disastrous teratogenic effect to the womb, by crossing the mother’s placenta.

“Such drugs and chemical-compositions must be brought under strict international legislation, in order to safeguard the lives of massive proportions of ‘unborn babies’, that prone to predisposal of detrimental devastations” pleads and urges the principal investigator of embryonic iatrogenesis, Prof Qadhi A.Z. Hafi.

The enquiry also encompasses the indicators and parameters to be employed for drawing the ‘lines-of-demarcation’ amid the ‘timing-factor’ inter-differentiations for the ‘time-intervals’ required for drug-processing by the mother’s body and those by the fetal-tissues. This is the forthright and stark ‘crux’ of the devastating ‘perplex-crisis’ that has been categorized in the disability-prevention perspectives-foci.

The tri-fold thematic research reflects a thorough synthesis, filtered through methodical analysis of the prevalent crisis, and systematically sheds light on ‘corporate-medical-stigma’ behind the dilemma under-focus.

Well-observed by the academic luminaries across the globe, the landmark reference work has been gazed at as “magnum-opus research pinnacle” of the subject to date. It is to be recognized as a thematic move which must be endorsed by a deep sense of concern over the subject-matter. In their remarks the experts also applauded Pakistan and the self-less dedicated efforts put in by Prof. Hafi as: “By virtue of Prof. Hafi’s worthy contributions, Pakistan, incontrovertibly, now, stands on verge of becoming the world’s ‘research capital’, in disability-centered realm orbs of academic foci”. Pakistan’s legendary arch-researcher and  polymath erudite, Professor Dr. Aurangzeb Qadhi Hafi has indubitably marked a ‘paradigm shift’ in the subject-matter of disability prevention, opined the experts. ‘The landmark reference work is the first enquiry of its type, in contrast with the earlier models and research works—those, sponsored by the parties under question, remark the authorities.

Prof. Hafi, who, by his compositions and dispositions, is never preordained of ‘targeting the soft targets’ is once again destined for not only high artifice-pretensed stakes of reputation but also for more severer consequences forthwith, as Prof. Hafi’s legal advisor has been reportedly cautioned, during the proceeding of filing the petition for a legal frame-working against the spread of ‘Iatro-teratogens’ through the UN and ‘International Court of Justice’ in the ‘Human Rights Frame-Work’ perspectives.

Key-concern of Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi’s research is circumscribed in the ‘frame-of-reference’ of ‘disability-prevention’—’before-the-occurrence’, by means of addressing the diverse spectrums of the underlying ‘causal-factors’. Dr. Hafi served as head of several projects concerning the disable population during Tsunami-2004, and maintained liaisons with UN and concerned agencies thereof.

Professor Aurangzeb Hafi is also credited for being the first, who identified the ‘teratogenic effect’ of the toxic-remnants in subsoil water, posed-over by to ecologically non-compatible modern sewage and drainage systems-as they leave heavy toxic-remnants for under-ground water reserves, especially in Asian and African countries, where exist no regulatory measures concerning the eco-sustainability and essential environmental protection. Being the principal investigator of SAARC Sector’s Academic Alliance on Hydro-toxicological Study, Prof. Hafi has demonstrated stark indications on the situation, that have been recognized at the UN level.

The bench-mark research brings forth sensitive-most questions and key-concerns to be addressed by the global hierarchies including UN, and henceforth, calls for international legislation on the subject-matter.

Prof Hafi’s thought-pricking and mind-shattering research is also a judiciously upright and a timidly sane call to the collective conscience of the world to come forth to raise voice for those, who are unable to raise their voice for themselves—the babies, yet unborn—prone to severe life-long disabilities—the voiceless—the disables—the neglected part of society!!!.