Clozamisole Liquid



Each 1 ml contains:

- Levamisole HCL 15 mg (Equiv. tol2.7 mg levamisole base)

- Oxyclozanide 30 mg



It should be used in cases of parasitic gastroenteritis and lung worms disease caused by mature and developing immature forms of those organisms sensitive to treatment with levamisole; lungworm, dictyocaulus spp., gastrointestinal worms: haemonchus spp., ostertagia spp.(except inhibited ostertagia larvae in cattle); nematodirus spp.; tricostrongylus spp.; cooperia spp.; oesophagostomum spp; bunostomum spp.

Oxyclozanide removes most mature fasciola spp (flukes) present in the bile duct and liver as well as paramphistomum spp. (immature and adult)



Orally by drenching gun

Cattle: 5 ml of the product/10 kg body weight.

Sheep: 1 ml of the product/2 kg body weight.


Withdrawal Periods

Animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment; they can be slaughtered only after 14 days from the last treatment.



- Not to be used in cattle producing milk for human consumption


Side Effects

Toxicity symptoms may appear at 4 times the recommended dose of oxyclozanide.



Plastic bottles of 1 liter and 5 liters



UBM Pharma (Egypt)