Tricazanamed Liquid



Each 1 ml contains: Triclabendazole (base) 100 mg



- It's an anthelmintic used for the treatment and control of liver flukes (fasciola hepatica) infections in sheep, cattle, and buffalo.

- It's highly effective against all stages of fasciola hepatica, one-day forms to adult fluke.



Orally by drenching gun

Cattle and buffalo: 5 ml of the product/50 kg body weight.

Sheep and goat: 2.5 ml of the product/25 kg body weight.


Withdrawal Periods

Animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment; they can be slaughtered only after 28 days from the last treatment.



- The drug is contraindicated in early pregnancy.

- Not to be used in animals producing milk for human consumption


Side Effects

- It's well tolerated in sheep and cattle at 200 mg/kg. 

- There is no evidence of teratogenicity or embryotoxicity



Plastic bottles of 1 liter and 5 liters



UBM Pharma (Egypt)