GALAPAN 20 ml Vial



D-Cloprostenol sodium 75 mcg/ml



- For the induction of oestrus and synchronization, labour.

- Ovary dysfunction in the presence of the corpus luteum:

- Postpartum anoestrus

- Silent oestrus

- Irregular cycle and non-ovulating cycle

- Persistent corpus luteum, lutein cysts.

- Endometritis

- Pyometra.

- Interruption of pregnancy (during the first half)

- Fetal mummification.

- Post-puerperium metropathy, delayed uterine involution.

- Combined follicular cyst therapy


Dosage and Administration

Cattle: 2 ml via Intramuscular route. Horses: 1 ml via Intramuscular route. 


Pack Size

Box contains 5 vials, each of 20 ml



LIVISTO (Germany)